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A Journey Through Sara Evans’ Words

Rooms of razors, love lights shining, soul cleansing, walls of lies, bottomless pits and fiery hells … . They all exist in the musical realm of Sara Evans’ new album, Words. And she made every word count for her eighth studio release. A fiery hell is what awaits a cheating man in the opener “Long... Read more » read more

Lee Brice: Great Songs Won’t Leave You

It seems like every country star has a song that is a special, special song. If he/she is lucky, there are a couple of those in the repertoire. But for Lee Brice, that’s what he strives for with every song he records. “I want the songs that will be remembered 10 years from now, not... Read more » read more

#NashvilleCMT Recap (Spoiler Alert)

You always want to believe that karma will eventually come for the mean girls. But after Thursday night’s (July 20) Nashville, it’s almost like the nice girls just cannot get a break. Like Maddie. All she was trying to do was perform at the Wildhorse Saloon to promote her new music. But after a quick... Read more » read more

What AJ’s Good Time Bar Is All About

At AJ’s Good Time Bar, it’s all about the obvious, and that’s havin’ a good time. Nashville’s new artist-owned honky-tonk offers four floors of fun on Lower Broadway for those who are 21 and older. The entire place is decked out in memorabilia from Jackson’s personal collection. Floor one, the former home of The Wheel,... Read more » read more

RaeLynn Calls on Her Friends in “Lonely Call” Video

Listen to RaeLynn, ladies. When that ex phones you late night just because he’s lonely, let it ring. And after it goes to voicemail, immediately call your girls to come over and cheer you up. In her stylish new video for “Lonely Call,” RaeLynn further establishes herself as a source of encouragement and empowerment. She... Read more » read more

How Jake Owen’s Daughter Describes Him

Jake Owen’s daughter Pearl is almost 5. So she’s old enough to enjoy FaceTime her dad but young enough to do it from her fort filled with glow-in-the-dark stickers. When Owen was in Chicago for the Windy City Smokeout on Friday (July 14), he told me all about how fast Pearl is growing up, how... Read more » read more

Keith Urban Crossing Fingers for Killer Duet Partner

I can always tell exactly what’s on Keith Urban’s mind by checking out his socials. He’s very transparent like that. So this week, I know that he is all about music. His … and potentially yours. Because first he posted a photo of a sound board and offered a simple caption. Back in studio !!!!!... Read more » read more

Blake Shelton Is Blake Buck in “Doing It to Country Songs”

Blake Shelton and the Oak Ridge Boys‘ suggestive “Doing It to Country Songs” gets a family-friendly spin in a new animated video for their hit collaboration. Set in a honky-tonk on the shores of Lake Shelton, the clip has the Oklahoma singer reimagined as the six-pointed “Blake Buck” as he gets ready for a show... Read more » read more

Cole Swindell on the Pressure for No. 1

Since his debut song “Chillin’ It,” Cole Swindell has made it to the top of the charts with every one of his singles. All six of them have ended up in the Top 10. So will his latest single, “Flatliner,” follow their lead or break his lucky streak? “I would think at some point that... Read more » read more

The Truths of Walker Hayes’ Ups and Downs

“Most of the time in Nashville, you’re so replaceable. Anybody can get another nice-looking guy to sing a country song.” That’s what Walker Hayes told Billboard Country Update. The story chronicles Hayes’ first attempts at country music fame, with singles that failed to chart back in 2010-2011, and his more recent attempt on a new... Read more » read more

Truly Blessed With Trulee Brice

Lee Brice‘s latest single “Boy” is one he calls a special, special song. “It’s one of those songs I wish I’d written,” Brice told me before he took the stage at Chicago’s Windy City Smokeout on July 16. “It’ll be around forever, I think. When I sing it onstage, I bring out my phone and... Read more » read more

Miranda Lambert on Anderson East: “He Owns My Heart”

Anderson East surrounded himself with the music people he loved most on his 30th birthday. On Monday (July 17), the Alabama artist, who is currently on tour with Chris Stapleton, shared photos on social media recapping all the birthday fun he had at New York’s Darien Lake water and theme park. “I can’t believe that... Read more » read more
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